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5 Landscape Photography Tips

Landscape photography is not as easy as just lifting up the camera and pressing the shutter button. To take a good landscape photo, you need to know a few things first. In this 5 landscape photography tips video, you will learn 5 tips that will get you started taking much better photos.

In the video I’m using my Nikon D5200 but these tips are specific to any camera brand and model. If you enjoy these landscape photography tips and tricks, please share the video with others.

Outdoor photography can be interesting, you never know what might happen, or what animals may show up. During the filming of this tutorial, a couple of Kangaroos joined me on the beach and bounded past in the background. One tip for landscape photography I didn’t mention is hang around as long as you can in one location because you may just experience something like that!

The 5 landscape photography tips mentioned in this video are:

⭐Always use a tripod – You need your camera steady as a rock to take great landscape photos, so put it on a nice, sturdy tripod.

⭐ Use a remote trigger or the time-release shutter on the camera – This, as with tip #1 is to avoid camera shake. When you press the shutter button, you transfer some movement into the camera and lens. The best way to avoid this is to not touch the camera when releasing the shutter.

⭐Shoot RAW – I don’t mean getting your gear off and shooting in the nude as this may offend some people. RAW is simply an uncompressed version of your photo where the camera captures all the detail in a scene.

⭐Put something in the foreground of your shot – When framing up your photo, try to get something interesting in the foreground to draw the eye of the viewer into the photo.

⭐Expose for the highlights – If you are not going to take multiple exposures and blend them together in Photoshop later, expose for the highlights or brighter areas in the scene.


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