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Best Camera Strap For DSLR

best camera strap for dslr photography blog

What is the best camera strap for DSLR cameras? There are so many out there on the market that finding the right one can be a pain. So, I’m going to keep things simple in this post and just review one camera strap – the Carry Speed Slim Mark III. This is an amazing camera strap that I have used for years and it has so many great features. Watch my Youtube review of this amazing strap.

Being a Nature Photographer who does a lot of bird photography, I needed a camera strap that would allow me to lift the camera up to my eye quickly. I also needed one that would keep the camera at my hip while I was walking and not bounce around all-over-the-place. The Slim Mark III (now upgraded to the Slim Mark IV), ticked both of these boxes and more.

The Carry Speed Slim Mark IV Features

Neoprene Shoulder Pad

  • The Slim Mark IV has a Neoprene shoulder pad that is super-comfortable. You can have this slung over your shoulder all day and not get sore. The ridges on the underside of the pad keep it from moving excessively on your shoulder.
The underside of the Slim Mark IV has bumps for extra grip

Arca Swiss Mounting Plate

  • It comes with an Arca Swiss-style Mounting Plate with a ballhead connector on it. Once the mounting plate is attached to the bottom of the camera, the ballhead connector can be locked in and the camera will be held securely.
an arca swiss mounting plate that comes with the slim mark IV camera strap for dslr
The mounting plate that comes with the Slim Mark IV

Safety Strap

  • In case you are nervous about the connector failing at some point, the strap also comes with a little safety strap. This hooks onto the Slim Mark IV and onto one of the strap connections on your DSLR. It acts as a safety line in case the ballhead connector ever fails.
The safety strap that comes with the Slim Mark IV.

Quick Adjust Slider

  • The Quick Adjust Slider is perhaps one of the most impressive features of this strap. If you unlock and pull the silver buckle down towards your hip, the strap will shorten, pulling the camera up higher to keep it stable while you walk around. It will lock into place at this height until you pull the camera back up to take a photo. When you do this, the strap releases and lengthens, allowing the camera to come freely up to your eye. The buckle can also be locked off tight in any position.
The Quick Adjust Slider on the Slim Mark IV.

Under-Arm Strap

  • The strap also ships with an Under-Arm Strap. When clipped in, this holds your camera in place and prevents any movement of the strap while you walk.
The under-arm strap for the Slim Mark IV.

Is It The Best Camera Strap For DSLR Cameras?

Well, having used one for years, I am a little biased, but I must say that I believe this to be the best camera strap for DSLRs.

There are other versions of the Carry Speed camera strap also with wider shoulder pads and other accessories.

If you want to get one of these amazing camera straps for yourself, try the links below.

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