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Clean Camera Lens

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Do you need a clean camera lens? Technically, no. With editing software such as Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, you can just edit out the dust spots or blemishes. This does take time though.

Having a clean lens is still important, it will give you better photos, and save you time in post-processing.

Why Have A Clean Camera Lens?

There are numerous reasons why you should clean your camera lenses. Not all of them may be obvious to you so let’s look at some right now:

  • Dirt or dust on your lens can be distracting when taking a photo – looking through the viewfinder and seeing several dust spots or smudges can be really annoying. When you are trying to visualize the perfect shot, these little distractions can put you off.
the importance of a clean camera lens - Woman hand holding a very dirty DSLR camera with green dust.
Sometimes lenses get really dirty!
  • Your lenses are less-likely to get scratched if you clean them – those little dust spots on your lens could be abrasive. If they accidentally get smeared across the face of the lens, this can leave scratches.
Close up dust and scratch on a camera lens
You don’t want this to happen!
  • Clean lenses mean clean photos – clean glass at the end of your lens will produce a much better photo in-camera. This means you spend less time editing and more time taking photos!
clean camera lens blog - Young pretty cute photographer checking photos on a camera
The satisfaction of great photos in-camera
  • Clean lenses last longer – Why? They don’t tend to get scratched, or get grime on them that can’t be removed if they are kept clean.
man cleaning a camera lens with a brush
Make your lenses last by keeping them clean

How To Clean a Camera Lens

The best technique I have found for cleaning camera lenses is a Lens Pen. They don’t require any cleaning solution that might leave smears on the glass, they work great, and they can be carried around in your pocket.

Watch this video to find out more about lens pens and how to use them:

Keep Those Lenses Clean

So, keep those lenses clean with a Lens Pen and you should have a collection of lenses that will serve you well.

Your photos will turn out sharper and you’ll spend less time in front of the computer getting rid of all those blotches and blemishes.

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