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You may be just starting out as a photographer, or perhaps you have an already established photography business?  A lot of people will tell you that you have to do Wedding Photography or Portrait Photography in order to earn money taking photos.  But what if that type of photography doesn’t make you happy?  Life is far too short to do things you don’t enjoy just for the money.  In this post, I want to tell you how to earn money taking photos you love.  

If you’re an over-achiever and want to get right into starting your own business that will let you take photos you love, you need to go here. Otherwise, stick around…

Earn Money Taking Photos

Have you ever asked someone how to earn money taking photos?  If you have, most likely the answer was “You should do weddings, or portraits. Wedding photographers make heaps of money?!”  

wedding photographer taking photos of a happy couple cutting the cake
A wedding photographer earning his keep

This is true, a lot of wedding and portrait photographers do make quite a lot of money.  But what if you don’t enjoy that type of photography?  What if you don’t like dealing with demanding, rude or drunk people at weddings?  And what if you can’t stand working with fidgety children that just won’t sit still or can’t keep their sticky little hands off your delicate and expensive equipment?!

What if you love being out in nature? Just you, your camera, the sound of birds nearby and a thundering waterfall off in the distance.  A cool, gentle breeze caressing your skin.  The warm Sun on your back as you take your time setting up for your next amazing nature photo.

a photographer on a mountain top taking photos of a misty valley below

Close your eyes……….picture it. Can you see yourself doing this for the rest of your life? If you can, read on as I’m about to tell you a way to earn money while taking the photos you love.

Earn Money Taking Photos You Love

Imagine if you had a business online that was ticking away in the background, bringing money in while you were out taking the photos you love. You can run this business from anywhere in the world. Anywhere that you can get internet access, you can earn money.

Does this sound like a dream? Perhaps a myth?  Or dare I say it – bullshit?

earn money taking photos you love - a hairy bull with huge horns and a nose ring

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. If this kind of business really is attainable, why isn’t everybody doing it? Well, it definitely is attainable and the reason not many people are doing it is because they simply don’t know how. Either that, or they do know how but simply don’t believe they can do it.

I have been hard at work building this kind of business myself for the past year. During that year I have learnt so many different skills and I get closer to achieving this every single day.  What I’m setting up now will be able to support me and my family for many, many years to come.

Want to know how I’m doing it? 

Success Begins With Education

Before I started this business I knew very little to nothing about online business. I wanted a photography business where I could take the photos I love but I had no idea how to achieve that. 

earn money taking photos you love - a white human figure leaning on a red question mark

While scrolling through Facebook one day I came across an ad from a young couple who were living the “laptop lifestyle”. They had built a business for themselves that was bringing in enough money for them to have a lifestyle where they were free to make their own choices. I saw this as something that I might be able to apply to my photography business. 

I was a little bit sceptical but still entered my name and email address to receive the free video series they were speaking of. After watching the videos I was convinced that I could not only get the education I needed from this but also the ability to earn money doing what I love. 

I am so glad I signed up for this, and I have not regretted one single moment since I first joined Six Figure Mentors.

What Is Six Figure Mentors?

This is a Training program that makes it easier than ever before to start your own online business that can be run from anywhere in the world. Education modules with step by step actions take you from knowing nothing to setting up your own website and getting started making money online.

earn money taking photos you love - a dollar sign next to covid-19 cells

As we all know with COVID-19 a lot of things have changed. The way we do business going forward is going to be a lot different. And the way Six Figure Mentors do business has also changed. They are now offering what they are calling the All In Package

When I signed up back in June of last year, I had to pay $297USD and then an ongoing payment of $97USD per month.  With the All In Package you now get all of what I got plus a heck of a lot more for just $99US!  The $97USD per month still stands but look at the value you get for that price.

What You Get In The All In Package

The value in this package is nothing short of INSANE?!  I wish this was the package when I signed up!

  1. Online Business From Scratch training Modules – teaching you how to build a business around your passion with organic SEO strategies.  (Perfect if you don’t have money to invest in your business).
  2. Daily Live Trainings – webinars presented by experts in digital business.
  3. Live Event Footage – free replays of Live Events that cost hundreds of dollars to attend!
  4. Access to over 10,000 courses with LinkedIn Learning.
  5. DBL Membership
    – Launch world class websites.
    – Lead capture pages.
    – 10,000s royalty free stock images.
    – Setup business email addresses.
    – Writer network for blogs.
    – Graphics creator.
  1. Bulletproof Ads Bundle – training on how to make the best ads for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.  (Over $2000USD value).
  2. System for selling online – updated modules that take you step-by-step through building your online business.
  3. Access to the Mentors platform (not live to the public until September 2020) – a social community for entrepreneurs where you can get answers, support, or just interact with and mentor other business professionals.

All this for $99US and then $97US per month!!!  AND they offer a 30 day money back guarantee!  If you get into it and within 30 days decide it’s not for you, get a full refund!

To take advantage of this crazy deal, click here.

It’s Up To You

I can’t tell you if Six Figure Mentors will be the right fit for you or not. Only you will know that.

Feel free to Google them and find out all you can. As with anything else, you will find good reviews and bad ones. But you will always find what you are looking for. If you only look for the bad, then that is what you will find. I can’t recommend the program enough. It has created positive changes in my I never thought possible.

If you are wanting to grow, get skills and learn how to market effectively online, then this package will give you what you need when you need it. Good luck.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Thanks for reading this post.

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