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How To Take Sharp Photos – Vibration Reduction

How To Take Sharp Photos – Vibration Reduction will explain to you how NOT using Vibration Reduction can help you to take sharp photos.

Called IS (image stabilization), on Canon lenses, or VC (vibration control), on some other brands of lenses, it is a setting on the lens that helps you take sharper photos in low light while hand-holding the camera. It basically means you don’t have to use a tripod to get a great shot.

How Does Vibration Reduction Work?

how to take sharp photos - nikon 18-55mm lens
An AF-S NIkkor 18-55mm lens showing the VR switch on the side of the lens.

Without spurting out too much technical mumbo-jumbo, VR uses two velocity sensors that detect both horizontal and vertical movement. These sensors send information to a microcomputer inside your camera which then moves different elements inside your lens to compensate for the movement of your hands. Was that too techie?

This helps you to get much sharper photos in low light by eliminating some of the camera shake when hand-holding your camera.

Vibration Reduction works really well for stationary subjects but not too good for moving subjects. It will NOT help you freeze the motion of your kids playing Soccer or that beautiful Osprey that flies past you with a fish in it’s beak.

Take Sharp Photos Tip With Vibration Reduction

The tip I’m trying to get across here is not just that you can take sharp photos using vibration reduction. The tip is actually that you should turn VR off when using a tripod.

how to take sharp photos - man holding a camera on a tripod in the desert
The stylish way to use a tripod!

If your VR is switched on when your camera is on a tripod, your camera is “searching” for any movement that it needs to compensate for. This can create tiny movements in the camera and rob you of some sharpness.

While shooting on a windy day your tripod may be moving and I suggest turning VR on to help with that. Otherwise, leave it off when using a tripod.

If you are using a tripod like our friend to the left here – definitely turn VR on!

More Tips On How To Take Sharp Photos

For more tips on how to take sharp photos, try my How To Take Sharp Photos Playlist on YouTube. There are videos there that deal with camera shake, the Reciprocal Rule, and using continuous shutter release. There are more videos in the series to come also.

So that is how you take sharp photos with the help of vibration reduction. Thanks for reading this post and if you liked it, please share it using the social media buttons below. Come back soon for more tips on how to take sharp photos.

Want To Learn More About Vibration Reduction On Nikon Lenses?

If you are hungry for more information about Vibration Reduction on Nikon Lenses, then you might enjoy my VR YouTube video.

what is vr on nikon lenses youtube thumbnail

In that video, I talk you through what VR is and give you some awesome tips for when to use it and when not to.

An Additional Resource For Lenses And Vibration Reduction

If you are a gear geek and want to totally geek-out over Nikon lenses, I have something for you too! Pretty much all I know about Nikon Lenses I learnt from the Creative Live course Nikon Lenses The Complete Guide. It is an in-depth look into the history of Nikon lenses; as well as which lenses to use for what situations; lens basics; and pretty much everything else you could think of about Nikon lenses.

nikon lenses the complete guide course on creative live

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