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This is what I am committed to creating with Photographer’s Freedom – an online community for photographers. A place where photographers learn and grow together. Where we all help each other to learn the skills we need to be the best photographers we can be.

Photographers worldwide, united in creating their own successful photography businesses. People who have a love for this planet and want, through their photography, to show the beauty and fragility of our world and spread a message of love for our environment across the globe.

This is my vision. My promise. If you want to be a part of this community, please join me.

Where This Vision for an Online Community Came From

I have just returned from two days in Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Two days that have changed my life and the vision for my business forever.

online community for photographers blog image showing surfers paradise and a group of people at a seminar

What I was doing on the Gold Coast, was attending a Momentum Day. This is an event put on by Six Figure Mentors, the online entrepreneurs’ community that I was involved in.

I got so very much from the day that most of it is hard to put into words. What is not hard to express is the connections I made. Not connections via Facebook or Instagram, but real, emotional human connections. The value of this is priceless.

I had so many amazing conversations with people whom I had only seen online until this point. These people recognized me immediately as if we were old friends, or dare-I-say it…

To spend a day-and-a-half immersed in such a supportive, and physically connected group of human beings, changed the way I will look at my business from this point forward.

The Power Of Community

For so long now, in many aspects of human life, competition has been valued far too highly. We are taught growing up, especially here in Australia, that “a little competition is good for you”. I disagree.

How can we move forward like that? How can we make this planet into a healthy world that will support us for centuries to come, if we are constantly in competition with the man or woman next to us?

The short answer is…………………we can’t.

Only by coming together and growing together can this become a reality. And I have seen the power of this during my time on the Gold Coast.

Watch this short video to get some sense of what I’m talking about.

What Does a Community of Photographers Mean?

So what does this mean for you as a photographer?

If you join me and the others here in the Photographers Freed community, you will find a place where you can be yourself. A place where no one will judge you or your images.

Inside of the community, you will be able to learn skills from each other, share stories, share job opportunities, learn to build your business online and so much more.

But support and community will be the number one priorities. I envision a worldwide collective of photographers who inspire others, help others and lift others up to be the best version of themselves.

Photography is an art form that has always been able to ignite emotional reactions in people. Let’s see if it can change the world for the better for everyone.

How To Get Involved

You can join the Photographer’s Freed online community for photographers by clicking right here. This will allow you to sign up to the email list so that you can receive all the updates from Photographer’s Freedom.

Please also join the Photographers Freed Facebook Group where this community will take shape. I can’t wait to meet you there.

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