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Photo of the Month December 2019

photo of the month december 2019 photographer's freedom

It is that time again! Photo of the month for December of 2019. The last Photo of the Month for this decade!

Each month I browse through all the images I have taken during that month and decide on a favourite to share with you. Read on to see which photo was chosen for December.

The Photo Of The Month December 2019

My wife, my daughter and I had a weekend away at a beautiful place called Nambucca Heads in New South Wales, on the East coast of Australia. In the caravan park we were staying in, they had these awesome palms lining the pool and kid’s play area.

I wanted to try and get some images that looked as though I had taken them in some tropical jungle somewhere. This was a little challenging as from most angles, you could see the cabins in the background, or a fence, or something man-made.

I managed to find some angles that gave the illusion of jungle. The image below was my favourite one of them.

The Image That Won December

the photo of the month for December 2019 at Photographer's Freedom - green palm leaves in the sunlight

Now the thing about this photo is, that I didn’t actually get anything in focus really! I took it with my 50mm prime lens at 1/60th second, at f2.8 with an ISO of 400. It may look like the leaf second-from-the-bottom of the frame is in focus, but when zoomed into 100%, it isn’t.

The reason this image was chosen is because of the play of light in it. I love how the sun is flaring in at the top right, and the shadows on the leaves both in front and in the background. The whole picture gives off a real warm, tropical feeling and that’s why I like it.

What To Call The Photo of the Month?

I haven’t decided on a name for this month’s image yet. I’d like your help with that.

Can you come up with a name for it? Comment below in the comments section with what you would call this image.

Thank you for reading this blog post and look out for more Photo Of The Month posts coming in 2020. Please share this post with others using the buttons below.

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