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Photo Of The Month January 2020

photo of the month january 2020 photographers freedom

I almost forgot about the photo of the month for January 2020! That was a close one?! It would have been bad if I’d missed the first one for a new decade.

This month’s photo has a special meaning for me and you will find out why if you read on….

Australia Burning

Unless you’re a bear and you’ve been hibernating for the last 5 months, you would know of the horror of the Australian bush fires.

It has been a terrible time, with much life and property lost. The entire world seems to have opened it’s hearts and wallets to Australia and I think I can speak for all Australians when I say “thank you.”

My family and I live on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. Severe bush fires affected a lot of areas inland of us. One in particular could have impacted us if not for a lucky change of wind direction.

Early in January we decided to take a drive out to Nana Glen and Glenreagh. The Liberation Trail fire of November 2019 severely impacted these areas.

Photo Of The Month January 2020

This month’s photo is one of hope.

The Australian bush is built-to-burn. Bush fires have been raging through the wilds of Australia since the birth of the land itself. But when it burns, it does not die. Regrowth lies dormant beneath the ash, ready to burst forth and greet the sun when the smoke finally clears.

The photo of the month for January 2020 is this one of new shoots emerging from the burnt bark of a Gum Tree. I call this photo “Rebirth.”

the photo of the month for january 2020, new growth from a gum tree burnt by fire in the Australian bush

The devastation in these areas was horrendous. From the tips of the leaves to the ground below, the bush was stripped bare. As a result, many homes were lost. However Nature’s resilience is nothing short of amazing.

In less than 2 months, this area has begun to regrow. You can see beyond the tree the green shoots that are starting to grow up from the ground and other trees.

The vibrant green regrowth is a refreshingly stark contrast to the black tree trunks. It is a beacon of hope for the Australian bush and those who live there. The bush will regrow. The animals that survived will return. And those people who choose to rebuild will do so.

Come Back Next Month

Keep your eyes peeled for the Photo of the Month next month.

I am planning some stock photography for February, so there might be some interesting shots coming.

Thank you for reading my blog, I really do appreciate your time and I’m so glad you are interested in what I write. Please share this blog with anyone you think may enjoy it.

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