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Photo Of The Month November 2019

photo of the month 2019 photographer's freedom

The photo of the month for November 2019 here at This is the favourite photo that I have taken during the month, as chosen by me.

This November I have not taken a great deal of photos and this is all due to one thing – the bush fires here in New South Wales. When my family and I weren’t getting ready to evacuate our home, we were looking out our windows at a blanket of smoke.

Bush Fires in New South Wales

As I type this, over 1.6 million hectares of bush land has burnt. Over 600 homes have been lost, and 6 people have lost their lives. And these are only the statistics for New South Wales?! Fires have been raging all across the country.

My family and I were never in danger, thankfully. The closest fire to us was around 20km away, which seems like a long way but in the conditions we were experiencing, a fire could travel that distance in not much time at all.

Photo Of The Month – November 2019

The photo below is of our street. This incredibly unsettling light closed in on us on the afternoon of the 8th of November. Everything turned orange, except for any lights in the house, which became incredibly blue in comparison.

suburban street bathed in orange glow of bushfires in new south wales - photo of the month photographer's freedom

Earlier in the day we’d had embers falling in our yard that had traveled many kilometers. Some were still warm, which was pretty unnerving but did not upset me as much as this strange light. I took the photo at 5pm.

The Challenge of this Month’s Image

The hard part with this shot was trying to get the white balance right?! The camera got a little confused with the light being all the same.

I took this with my Nikon D5200 and a Tamron 10-24mm f3.5-4.5. I love the wide angles you can get with the 10-24mm, it gives a great sense of size to the image. This shot was taken at 10mm.

Another Photo of the Month Next Month

So that is the photo of the month for November 2019. Please come back next month for another image.

If you wish to help the communities, families and amazing heroes of the Emergency Services affected by these devastating fires, there is information on how to do that on The Guardian website.

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