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What Is Photographer’s Freedom?

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“Giving you the time, gear and skills to be the best photographer you can be”. Sounds great, but what does that mean? I created Photographer’s Freedom to help other photographers achieve their goals with photography. A website for learning, growth, inspiration, and freedom. But what is Photographer’s Freedom?

I am Barry Callister, founder and creator of Photographer’s Freedom and in this post I am going to answer that question.

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How Can Photographer’s Freedom Give You Time?

The tagline of Photographer’s Freedom is “giving you the time, gear and skills to be the best photographer you can be”. Time however is not a tangible thing, so how can I give it to you?

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Photographer’s Freedom aims to give you more time for photography

The Time section of the website is it’s whole foundation. This is where I aim to give photographers the freedom to be out in the world taking photos.

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Does it feel like you’re always working?

I realize that many of you are working jobs that demand a lot of your time. There is no time to enjoy photography after a ten or twelve-hour work day. The demands of the “9 to 5” as we call it can take a heavy toll on our personal lives, in addition to leaving us feeling like we live simply to work.

This is NOT how it has to be! The Internet has spawned amazing opportunities. The planet is connected in a way it never was before. We can interact with each other via text, messaging, video, email, and other digital mediums. As a result, this has changed forever the way we do business and the way we “work.”

Your Own Online Business

If you click through to the Time page of Photographer’s Freedom you will find a sign up page for Six Figure Mentors. This is an online marketing course and community like no other. I joined SFM back in June of 2019 and it has transformed my life.

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Click on Time to change your life forever in amazing ways

If you choose to enter your name and email on that page, you will start a journey to a life where you can take control of your time. You will learn how to create your own online business that will provide you with passive income 24 hours a day that will free you from the 9 to 5. And, you can do this while being supported by the greatest online community on the planet.

The page you will see after clicking Time on the Photographer’s Freedom Home page.

This is how Photogapher’s Freedom gives you the time to be the best photographer you can be. However YOU are the one who really gives yourself the time. It’s your choice to walk the path. If you are driven and dedicated, it’s possible to achieve time freedom like you never thought possible.

Does Photographer’s Freedom Give Away Gear?

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Does Photographer’s Freedom give away free cameras?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no. Not currently, but I aim to in the future.

The Gear section of the website is aimed at reviewing good-quality photography gear that will help you to improve your photography.

Here you will find video and text reviews of cameras, tripods, camera straps, camera bags……..anything to do with cameras, lenses or camera accessories. Above all, I only review products that I have used or recommend, and I only review quality products.

As with all other areas of Photographer’s Freedom, this section will constantly grow as I review more and more products.

Learn The Skills

what is photographer's freedom blog - Blackboard with sign Never stop learning and books.
You’ll never stop learning at Photographer’s Freedom

The Skills page of Photographer’s Freedom is fairly self-explanatory. There you will find photography tutorials, Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials, camera tutorials, and anything else relating to improving your photography skills.

Even if you are a beginner in DSLR photography, your growth is the aim of the Skills Page. It can take you from the basics through to more advanced techniques and help you progress along your photography journey.

Each week, new videos are posted to this page of the site.

What Is Photographer’s Freedom?

Photographer’s Freedom is a place where photographers can come to find answers to the questions that are blocking their progress. Whether it’s photography skills, photography business, photography gear, or photography experiences, whatever it may be – you will find it here.

My hope is that you grow as a photographer and as a person through what the site has to offer.

In conclusion, if you have any questions about anything you see on Photographer’s Freedom, please contact me via the Contact Page, or at the Photographer’s Freedom Facebook page.

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