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How To Use The Quick Selection Tool in Photoshop – Quick Mask

Learn to use the quick selection tool in Photoshop in combination with Quick Mask.

There are many Photoshop Tools for doing many things but selecting in Photoshop is one of the main things you need to know how to do. If you want to know how to remove background in Photoshop, then this tutorial will be helpful too.

The Quick Selection tool has a few different settings and there are techniques that you need to know when using it and this video will run you through those. I will also show you how to use the Quick Selection Tool in combination with Quick Mask – a great way to make selections also.

This is the 3rd Photoshop tools tutorial I have done about the Quick Selection Tool. To watch the other videos in the how to use the quick selection tool in Photoshop series, follow these links:

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