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Photoshop Basics Tutorial For Beginners – Keyboard Shortcuts And Mouse Controls

Photoshop Basics Tutorial For Beginners


Keyboard Shortcuts And Mouse Controls

Are you confused by Photoshop tutorials on YouTube?  Can’t understand all the jargon us photographers are talking about?  Well, let me apologize for all of us.  Thing is, we use PS every day and it becomes second nature to us.  So when we explain things, it’s easy to forget that viewers perhaps don’t know the things we do. 

In this Photoshop basics tutorial for beginners, I strip things back to the absolute basics and talk through some common keyboard shortcuts and mouse controls that you will use in Photoshop 2020.  Relax, these shortcuts will work with older versions of Photoshop also.

I run you through some Photoshop tools shortcut keys and other basic moves that are commonly used with Adobe Photoshop.  If you’ve been confused by other photo editing tutorials here on YouTube, you will be no more after you watch this?!

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