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Nature Photography During Lockdown 4

Nature Photography During Lockdown 4 – How To Do Water Droplet Photography

Water droplet photography is very challenging. Before filming Nature Photography During Lockdown 4 I had never tried to take photos of water droplets. I spent many hours practicing with different setups and lighting and this video shows you the results of that and how you too can take photos of water drops.

Nature Photography During Lockdown explores the challenges of doing nature photography without leaving your house.

COVID-19 has a lot of us in lockdown, unable to leave our homes for long lengths of time, or even at all! So how do we as Nature Photographers continue to take the Nature Photography that we love so much?

We are Nature Photographers right? This means that we love nature. This also probably means that we have brought some nature into our homes. In this series of videos, I aim to give you nature photography ideas at home – things you can photograph without leaving the house and make them look like you took the photos outside.

Nature Photography During Lockdown 4 is about the most important element of nature. One that is found in hopefully all of our homes……….water.

Hopefully after watching this video you will know how to take photos of water droplets and get some great results.

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