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Nature Photography During Lockdown Part 2

Nature Photography During Lockdown Part 2

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Nature Photography During Lockdown Part 2 explores the challenges of doing nature photography without leaving your house.

COVID-19 has a lot of us in lockdown, unable to leave our homes for long lengths of time, or even at all! So how do we as Nature Photographers continue to take the Nature Photography that we love so much?

We are Nature Photographers right? This means that we love nature. This also probably means that we have brought some nature into our homes – or at least some things that remind us of nature. The challenge is to take photos of these things and make it look like they were taken outside. This series of YouTube videos will challenge your camera and lighting skills, as well as your editing skills.

In this episode, I am using Adobe Photoshop 2020 to edit the photos of the Fern I took last week. I show you how to replace the background and make the photo look like it was taken in nature.

Watch Part 1 of Nature Photography During Lockdown.  Learn how to take photos indoors in a way that gives the impression you took them outside.  Find out how to light the shot, what camera settings to use and how to set up the scene for the best effects.

Nature Photography During Lockdown will be an ongoing series on my YouTube channel until the world returns to some form of normal, and we all go outside again.


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