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Nikon D5200 Menu Settings Part 4

Nikon D5200 Menu Settings Part 4 – The Shooting Menu Completed.

There are so many menus in the Nikon D5200, and quite a lot of settings within those menus. With my nikon D5200 menu settings series, I aim to help you understand what all the camera settings do and how to use them.

Though this is a Nikon D5200 tutorial for beginners, it will also help more advanced users to understand parts of the menu they may not have used before.

The Nikon D5200 manual is very vague and doesn’t really explain a lot of menu settings. Even the full version of the manual that came with the camera on disc sometimes explains things in a very technical way, which can be confusing for some users.

The camera settings covered in this video are:

High ISO NR – This will apply in-camera noise reduction to pictures taken at high ISOs. You have the choice of High, Normal, Low or Off.

ISO Sensitivity Settings – This is where you can control the level of ISO sensitivity. You can choose anything from Auto, all the way through to Hi2, equivalent to 25600 ISO.

Release Mode – This is where you set the shutter release modes.

Multiple Exposure – Multiple exposure allows you to combine two or three shots in a single photograph. You get richer colors in your image without having to crank up the saturation in PS or LR later on. You may even gain a bit of sharpness in the photo too. It’s also a great way to fake a ghost photo!

Interval Timer Shooting – Here you can program the camera to take photos at set intervals. This can be used to create a time lapse sequence, you can import the photos into video editing software later and create your time lapse using the images as frames in your video.

Movie Settings – This is where you set the options for recording video with your D5200. I hope you enjoy this Nikon D5200 tutorial and that you get a lot out of it.

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