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Osprey Photography Woolgoolga Lake NSW


In Osprey Photography Woolgoolga Lake NSW, Barry Callister of Barry Callister Photography and Photographer’s Freedom takes you on a tour of Woolgoolga Lake in Woolgoolga, NSW, Australia.  Armed with his Nikon D5200 and Nikkor 55-200mm lens, Barry goes in search of the Osprey that call the lake home.  He tries to find the Osprey nest and get photos of them eating fish.

The Osprey is a medium-sized fish-eating bird of prey. Also called the Fish Hawk or White-Headed Osprey. There are a lot of these birds on the Mid-North Coast of New South Wales where this video takes place. The are found all up and down the east coast of Australia and in other coastal area of Australia and around the world.

During filming, Barry gets photos of Osprey flying and in future episodes, also takes photos of the Osprey eating fish. This is a photography vlog but also a bird photography tutorial, as Barry talks about camera settings and also how to study the birds and learn their behavior so you can get better shots.

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