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The Worst Thing About Auto ISO In Manual Mode – Is It As Good As I Said?

The Worst Thing About Auto ISO In Manual Mode – Is It As Good As I Said?


This is a video that relates to one I released raving about Auto ISO in Manual Mode. At the time, I had only been using Auto ISO in Manual Mode for a couple of weeks. I’ve discovered a problem with it.  You can watch the other video here.

My camera seemed to be focusing a lot slower. I was using it for bird photography, specifically for flying birds. I was getting frustrated because the camera seemed to be taking a long time to lock focus a lot of the time. I was thinking perhaps there was something wrong with my lens, or something else had gone wrong in the camera. Then I thought about it a bit more and realized that it must be the Auto ISO.

In allowing the camera to choose the best ISO while I was tracking a bird across scenes with different contrast and brightness levels, I was giving it too much to think about. This was slowing down the time it took to lock focus. I was missing a lot of good shots.

Now this may be a problem specific to my camera. It may just be that the processing power of the D5200 is just not enough to handle focusing and Auto ISO at the same time? I am interested to find out if you are experiencing this problem too, so please leave a comment below the video if you have noticed any change in how your camera focuses while using Auto ISO.

Auto ISO in Manual Mode is a wonderful thing, however it may cause your camera to focus slower. Just keep this in mind when using auto ISO for bird photography or wildlife photography.

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